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My clinic is a panel for a TPA/company, how does it work?

For assigning TPA/Company to your clinic, click here

Note: If you have associated your clinic to TPA/Company of choice, you have to make sure you have access to the TPA portal to identify the patient eligibility.

When a patient checks in, you can assign a TPA associated with the patient by clicking the TPA button in the queue.

Pick the TPA and key in the detail like policy id/no of the patient.

That's it. The patient treatment is now marked with TPA.

When billing the patient, please choose at the bottom of the invoice if the payment will be made via TPA, Cash or Credit Card - if the patient has already checked in with TPA, then the default payment will be the TPA.

The TPA invoices are kept and if required can be claimed directly to the TPA or company, do email us if it is required.