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How does REMEDi charge my clinic?

REMEDi is technically free of charge for clinic owners to use and to adopt, we don’t charge any upfront free.

However, in order for us to sustain a premium service to your clinic, we charge your clinic on a monthly basis based on the transaction created by your clinic.

The operation or process whereby the patient walks into your clinic, register or checks-in is considered as one (1) transaction.

Instead of charging you directly, we put in the transactional charges in the invoiced during your invoicing process to the patient.

Every clinic has unique charge rate and subject to the agreement with REMEDi (it depends on years of commitment, volume, patient segments etc.), but bear in mind, all rate is minimal.

For cases where there’s no walk-in customers, we will not charge you at all, and you can still use REMEDi without any interruption, guaranteed.