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How do I register new patient?

Okay, now you are all set and you open your clinic for the day.

Log in as a clerk, and you will see the 'queue' tab. Click on it.

You will see a search button where you can enter an ID.

If a patient walks in, just key in his/her ID accordingly and click on search.

If the patient is not registered with REMEDi, you will be prompt to create a new account.

Click on the create new account

Key in the name and mobile number 

Note: Please make sure the mobile number is correct and accurate because REMEDi will send a one-time password to the patient in the future. If REMEDi is unable to communicate to the mobile number of the patient, patient may not be able to use REMEDi's patient's portal

Verify the rest of the pre-populated patient's detail 

Click 'create'.

That's it, you're done.