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How do I create and manage my inventory?

Note: For any bulk update of the inventory (e.g. 100 items), we would invite you to email us and we will provide you with a template and guide you thru.

For this task, you will need to log in as a clerk.

Go to 'inventory tab'

Create your supplier 

Add in new supplier and key in the company ID (SSM ID for Malaysia company), company name, phone number and so on.

If you have many suppliers, please enter all into the list.

Create your inventory

Before adding new inventory item, bear in mind that REMEDi recognizes 4 different groups of inventory: 

All of the items from each group, are chargeable and will be reflected in the patient's invoice/bill based on the pre-set selling price that can be overwritten

Add in new inventory

Click on the group, choose the relevant group of the item

Enter the item code (the item code is the accounting entry for each item, it must be unique)

Enter the description

Enter the unit of measure

Enter required in stock - if the stock is lower than the required in stock a reminder will be sent to the admin

Dose value - The numerical value of the dose (500 mg -> Enter '500')

Dose unit - Key in the unit of the dose (mg, mcg, mL, gram, kg, L, cm, m, cm3..)

Key in the selling price for a unit

That's it, done.

Restock your inventory

When your inventory is defined, you will need to enter the current stock (stock count)

The stock count must be accompanied with the receipt number.

Create receipts

Click on receipt tab

Add in new receipt

Key in the receipt number

Key in supplier name

Key in the receipt total value

Key in the tax and the discount reflected in the receipt

That's it, done

To restock your inventory, click on the '+' sign

Choose the receipt number based

Enter the 'expiry date' (if applicable)

Key in the quantity to be added

Key in the buying price/purchase price per unit

Note: The total buying price/purchase price must be within the total amount of the receipt

That's it, done